Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, events. Open every day to guests and the public.

An elegant and refined space, available to guests and open to the public every day, where you can discover and enjoy our exclusive culinary offerings signed by Chef Alessandro Manzone and Pastry Chef Rachele de Santis. Traditional or vegetarian menus, constantly evolving, created with seasonal ingredients and accompanied by a careful selection of wines. The restaurant boasts a large vegetable garden, located within the estate, where herbs, fruits, and seasonal vegetables are cultivated to bring to the table the flavors and quality of freshly harvested products.

Exquisite menus crafted by Chef Alessandro Manzone and Pastry Chef Rachele de Santis.

Flavors of the territory and gourmet dishes

A menu that follows the availability of seasonal products and therefore is constantly evolving. An accurate selection of raw materials, made through a strict choice of suppliers that must meet a series of quality and production ethics criteria, guarantees the excellence of the products used.

Within the estate, there is a meticulously cared-for vegetable garden. A place where the beauty of flowers harmoniously merges with the genuineness and freshness of the products, bringing to the table a unique and unforgettable sensory culinary experience.

The menus are created ranging from local dishes to Roman specialties to refined gourmet proposals exclusive to the Vigna Caio Relais cuisine.

Our Cellar

Great attention to wines thanks to a well-stocked cellar offering a wide range of Italian and foreign options with various production years. A selection made with great expertise to satisfy even the demands of knowledgeable and refined enthusiasts.

Many of our labels are chosen to complement the seasonal menus proposed by the Chef.

Wine culture, for Relais Vigna Caio, also represents a space for sharing through various tasting events open to all. We showcase the productions of selected wineries with menus and delicacies, both savory and sweet, specially designed and prepared.

The Events

An environment of great architectural value where light and panorama merge with the nuances of the interior furnishings in an atmosphere of warm serenity and beauty.

During the warm seasons, from spring to late summer, the hall extends to an outdoor space to enjoy even better a unique panorama. The hall, the private estate, a large and convenient internal parking lot, and above all, healthy, tasty, and refined food, represent the optimal ingredients to make the “Vigna Caio” restaurant the ideal location for various types of private or business events.

Great availability of the Management and the Chef to contribute to the organization of customized events, entirely unique and unforgettable. We have already been chosen by several experienced Wedding Planners who have appreciated the setting, quality, and professionalism.