Vigna Caio: The Exclusive Relais Overlooking Lake Bracciano

A 'pearl' between the lake and the castle.

Located in the heart of the lush countryside of Lazio, just a few kilometers from Rome and with a stunning view of the nearby Lake Bracciano, Relais Vigna Caio represents a top-tier destination for short or long vacations.

The beautiful structure is the result of meticulous and extensive restoration of a historic residence located beneath the Orsini Castle of Bracciano. The architectural intervention, carried out with a conservative philosophy, extended into the interiors with contemporary features and new classic notes, resulting in a unique stylistic and creative harmony.

The property consists of a main building and a “Dependance,” both situated within the splendid five-hectare estate. In total, it offers 15 rooms and suites overlooking the lake or the castle. Additional amenities include a restaurant, spa, outdoor pool, and a variety of services.

The "Dependance"

A few meters from the main building stands a second accommodation unit equipped with splendid and spacious rooms overlooking the lake, the private estate, and the Odescalchi Castle.

This building too is the result of careful conservative restoration and of an equally great design and creative effort in the composition and furnishing of the rooms.

There is a perfect stylistic coherence with the main building in the color schemes and materials used. Each room enjoys a unique panorama that blends with the furnishings and the chosen nuances, creating relaxing atmospheres.

The Estate

The estate consists of five hectares of beautifully maintained private parkland, representing a significant added value. From the entrance, a driveway lined with olive trees unfolds, offering a view of the lake to our left.

Rose bushes, wildflowers, and English-style lawns welcome us into a joyfully bucolic setting. The private road ascends gently, leading to the spacious outdoor parking area available for guests or restaurant patrons.

The estate is an integral part of the “Vigna Caio” experience and, from spring to late summer and even beyond, it offers opportunities for leisurely walks, outdoor dining, relaxing in the hot tubs, and engaging in healthy physical activities.

The "Vigna Caio Restaurant"

The restaurant, located in the main building, benefits from three windowed walls that offer a total view of the surrounding nature and the splendid lake view. The affirmation of one of the most important architects of the twentieth century, who argued that architecture is more light than bricks, is perfectly confirmed in the design of this splendid room.

A professional kitchen on display hosts a highly competent brigade led by chef Alessandro Manzone. The restaurant’s philosophy is to offer menus with local flavors and gourmet refinements, always using strictly seasonal ingredients. In terms of freshness and seasonality, the restaurant draws from its own garden located within the estate, where the beauty of wildflowers harmoniously merges with the genuineness of the products.

The restaurant is available to guests from breakfast to dinner and is open to the public every day.