Activities & Experiences

The Relais Vigna Caio can organize a variety of activities and experiences for its guests, adding excitement and memories to an already unforgettable vacation. The offerings change based on the opportunities and availability that arise in the area, whether they are leisure, sports, or cultural activities. In the link provided, we offer a general overview of the possible activities, with specific proposals available during your stay.

Sport - Visite a musei - Eventi Culturali - Escursioni - Corsi

Outdoor Activities

Many outdoor activities, relaxing or sporty, can be organized for guests at Relais Vigna Caio. Beautiful horseback rides take place within a varied landscape, ranging from wooded areas to green expanses that were once the setting for many Italian Western films.

For the more experienced, there’s the chance to enjoy an ideal territory for various equestrian activities such as leisurely rides or more challenging technical routes. Additionally, it’s a natural setting perfect for enjoyable mountain biking or quad biking excursions.

Water Activities

The beautiful Lake Bracciano, located just a few hundred meters from Relais Vigna Caio, is the most attractive feature for water activities enthusiasts. It’s possible to arrange rentals of electric boats for enjoyable excursions to discover places often inaccessible by roads. It’s worth mentioning that the lake water is clean and clear, and motorboats are prohibited.

For windsurfing or sailing enthusiasts, it will be exciting to navigate with the frequent breeze that typically caresses the crystal-clear waters of the lake from late morning onwards.

Cultural Activities

The offer of events organized by the municipality of Bracciano and the surrounding towns is very rich, especially in spring and summer, with interesting outdoor performances or conferences of great cultural interest. Relais Vigna Caio monitors all these activities, selecting the most significant ones to organize and propose them to its guests.

For example, it’s worth mentioning that just a few minutes from the Relais, on the shores of Lake Bracciano in the Vigna di Valle area, there is one of the largest and most interesting aviation museums, recently completely renovated. A visit, for enthusiasts and non-enthusiasts alike, is truly surprising.

Additionally, there’s the vast array of offerings in the city of Rome, from historical tours to museums, to the many events available in all seasons.